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Gun-Control’s Hollywood Connections

Everytown’s anti-gun Hollywood agenda has been a bust, but the gun-control group remains intent on...

VIDEO: Shooting Straight with Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo is an unusual sort of actor—right, he’s actually pro-Second Amendment.

The Truth About Gun Control Exposed

There is a central hypocrisy at the heart of the gun-control effort. Gun-control-supporting politicians, the...

Ben Affleck Says His Previous Trips to Gun Ranges are “Uncomfortable to Remember”

Despite owning firearms, the actor recalls trips to ranges in an unflattering light.

California Scheming

Will California’s gun laws come to your state?

The Funny Thing About Hollywood and Guns

What John Wick Says About American Gun Culture

Parkland Dad Admonishes Alyssa Milano on NRA

Alyssa Milano has been an outspoken critic of guns and the NRA.

March for Our Lives: Marching Without A Clue

What does it say about a protest when many of the participants have no understanding...

Hollywood’s Anti-Gun Blather Strengthens Support for Gun Rights

A recent poll suggests that when entertainers talk about banning guns, the message actually makes...

Standing Guard | More Americans Stand By The NRA As Liberal Elites Try To Foist Their Values On Everyone

Americans have lost faith in the institutions we used to be able to count on—except...

Hypocrite Julianne Moore Says Gun Control Not A Second Amendment Issue

Hypocrite actress Julianne Moore makes millions off gun violence in her films while at the...

Wayne LaPierre Blasts Gun Control Advocates On “Hannity”

Speaking to Sean Hannity on FOX News on Thursday, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre...

“Death Wish” Exposes The Left’s Alarming Hypocrisy On Guns

Frequent A1F Daily contributor Frank Miniter explores the anti-freedom Left’s attack on the new “Death...