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Idaho State Representative Takes Action to Protect Gun Rights at County Fairs

Second Amendment champion State Rep. Chad Christensen (R) educates officials about Idaho’s gun rights.

New Idaho Law Expands Permitless Carry in Gun-Friendly Gem State

The new law standardizes permitless carry for all legal adults and is a welcome step...

What Anti-gun Activists Don’t Realize about Hunting

Because nature has no political party, it is our shared human responsibility to ensure nature...

Kroger’s Profits Drop a Year after Gun Cuts from its Fred Meyer Stores

Is Kroger’s 2018 decline a result of its anti-gun stance?

Idaho Teen Arrested in New York for Having Gun in Car

The fact that Simeon W. Brovont spent four months in jail before being released shows...

Seattle Gun Lock Law Challenged

Ordnance was on the books for about two days before lawsuit was filed.

Pennsylvania Won’t Recognize Virginia Carry Permits

Annual review of reciprocity agreements leads to changes in the list of approved states.

Rural Homeowner In Idaho Shoots Invader

If you live in rural Idaho and police are miles away, you need to be...

John Lott Debunks New RTC “Study”

A new, widely published study that claims to prove that Right-to-Carry laws increase violent crime...

Idaho City Ordered To Pay Gun Club’s Attorney Fees

The Idaho Supreme Court has ruled that the city of Hauser must reimburse the Hauser...

More Than One In Five U.S. States Now Recognize Campus Carry

AWR Hawkins explores how campus carry laws are on the move throughout the country.

Idaho Eases Carry Restrictions For Military Members

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter has signed legislation that would ease restrictions for out-of-state military personnel...

U.S. Army Corps Gun Ban Battle Nearing Victory

On the 12 million acres of land that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)...

Idaho Pro-Gun Bill Focuses On Military Members

A pro-carry measure that focuses on the rights of U.S. military members has passed the...

Armed Idaho Woman Scares Off Carjacker Without Firing A Shot

“I couldn't believe it, it was shock and fear.”

Constitutional Carry Gaining Steam In States Around The Country

AWR Hawkins takes a look at the many states considering constitutional-carry measures this legislative session.

The Armed Citizen® | Idaho

Six stories of armed self-defense in The Gem State.

Winning The Ground Game

State by state, NRA-ILA made gains for gun owners in 2016.

Law Enforcement Officers Convene In Idaho For School Security Training

Last week, 20 law enforcement officers representing 12 jurisdictions convened at Clark Fork Junior/Senior High...

Maj Toure: The Real Story Behind The Temple University Attack

Maj Toure, Philly native and founder of Black Guns Matter, weighs in on the recent...
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