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Where’s Your Wild West?

Where’s Your Wild West?

Will anti-gun media and gun-ban politicians ever tell the truth about concealed carry?

Preschooler Suspended Over Spent .22 Casing

In a pathetic example of anti-gun political correctness run amok, a 4-year-old in Illinois has...

Illinois Lawmakers Propose Tougher Sentencing To Fight Chicago Violence

In an attempt to curtail runaway violence in Chicago, where murders are already outpacing last...
HuffPo Injects The Truth With Their Lie

HuffPo Injects The Truth With Their Lie

A1F contributor AWR Hawkins discusses the ignorance and hypocrisy of Huffpo “journalist” Ladd Everitt.

Illinois Lawmaker Proposes Dumping Gun Owner ID Requirement

A state legislator from southern Illinois has introduced a plan to scrap the state’s Firearm...

Illinois Tavern Owner’s Single Shot Drives Away Another Robber

If you’re a robber-in-training, you might want to avoid the Junction Tavern in DePue, Ill....

Illinois Lawmaker Pushing 2A Tax

Illinois state Sen. Toi Hutchinson is pushing an amendment to a budget measure that would...
Newest Fake News—NRA Is Responsible For Chicago Murder

Newest Fake News—NRA Is Responsible For Chicago Murder

New A1F Daily contributor AWR Hawkins looks at the media’s disingenuous attempt to help an...

Newest Fake News: NRA Is Responsible For Chicago Murders

For all their frothing over so-called “fake news,” anti-gun Democrats and their media enablers have...

Illinois Senate Committee Will Consider Suppressor Measure Wednesday

A bill that would lift the ban on suppressors in Illinois is scheduled to be...
The Armed Citizen® | Gang Members

The Armed Citizen® | Gang Members

9 stories of individuals using firearms to defend themselves from gang members.

Illinois Suppressor Legislation Needs Your Support This Week

Illinois Senate Bill 206, which would legalize the possession and use of firearm suppressors, is...

Suppressor Bill On The Move In Illinois

In Illinois, an important piece of pro-gun legislation is on the move—but we need your...

Chicago Suburb Votes To Repeal Second Amendment

Chicago suburb Oak Park had an extra question on last Tuesday’s ballot, and many of...

Illinois Ammo Serialization Bill Would Affect Gun Owners, Anti-Gunners Alike

Illinois residents in favor of the serialized ammo bill currently being pushed, take note: Even...

Illinois Bill Would Require Unique Serial Number For Each Round Of Ammo

An anti-gun bill introduced this week in the Illinois House of Representatives is fraught with...

Chicago Neighborhoods Increasingly Turning To Private Security

Chicago’s wealthier sections are increasingly hiring private security firms to patrol their streets, Chicago magazine...
Chatterday | Saturday, October 1, 2016

Chatterday | Saturday, October 1, 2016

A collection of quotes from this week’s Tower of 2A Babble.
30 Years Later, It’s Time To Stop Lying About Concealed Carry

30 Years Later, It’s Time To Stop Lying About Concealed Carry

Charles Cooke has had enough of concealed-carry haters telling the same old lies for decades.

Chicago Anti-Gunners Bully Stores Into Posting No-Gun Signs, But Do They Stay Up For Long?

On Saturday, two dozen anti-gun activists with the ironically named “Peaceful Communities” group stormed merchants...
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