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Illinois Legislator Pushing “Assault Weapon” Ban

An Illinois state senator has filed an amendment to a measure that would ban many...
Chatterday | Saturday, May 20

Chatterday | Saturday, May 20

A collection of quotes from this week’s Tower of 2A Babble.

Illinois House Committee Approves Measure That Would Close Gun Dealers

On Tuesday, the Illinois House Judiciary Committee passed SB 1657 by a 7-6 vote, moving...
Illinois Anti-Gun Dealer Measure To Be Considered Today

Illinois Anti-Gun Dealer Measure To Be Considered Today

Illinois gun owners need to take action to stop this punitive anti-gun-dealer measure in its...

Illinois Gun Shop Owner Condemns State Licensing Scheme

We’ve detailed in recent weeks how legislation under consideration in the Illinois Legislature would force...

Illinois Senate Passes Punitive Gun Shop Regulations

In a move that will appease Windy City gun-banners while doing nothing to improve public...

Gun Dealer Licensing Bill To Be Considered in Illinois House Committee Today

We told you recently about an anti-gun measure in Illinois that, if passed, could run...
American Warrior | Lincoln’s Search

American Warrior | Lincoln’s Search

President Lincoln found a winning general none too soon.

Illinois: Senate To Consider Anti-Gun Dealer Measure

We told you recently about a measure introduced in Illinois that could run many law-abiding...

Illinois Measure Could Force Many Gun Dealers Out Of Business

A gun dealer licensing scheme—set for consideration the week after next in the Illinois state...
Will The Supreme Court Hear A Second Amendment Case This Year?

Will The Supreme Court Hear A Second Amendment Case This Year?

Cam Edwards looks at the possibility of the U.S. Supreme Court considering a Second Amendment...

Illinois Legislators Vote To Crack Down On Repeat Violent Offenders

Is there finally a glimmer of hope for America’s deadliest city?
Where’s Your Wild West?

Where’s Your Wild West?

Will anti-gun media and gun-ban politicians ever tell the truth about concealed carry?

Preschooler Suspended Over Spent .22 Casing

In a pathetic example of anti-gun political correctness run amok, a 4-year-old in Illinois has...

Illinois Lawmakers Propose Tougher Sentencing To Fight Chicago Violence

In an attempt to curtail runaway violence in Chicago, where murders are already outpacing last...
HuffPo Injects The Truth With Their Lie

HuffPo Injects The Truth With Their Lie

A1F contributor AWR Hawkins discusses the ignorance and hypocrisy of Huffpo “journalist” Ladd Everitt.

Illinois Lawmaker Proposes Dumping Gun Owner ID Requirement

A state legislator from southern Illinois has introduced a plan to scrap the state’s Firearm...

Illinois Tavern Owner’s Single Shot Drives Away Another Robber

If you’re a robber-in-training, you might want to avoid the Junction Tavern in DePue, Ill....

Illinois Lawmaker Pushing 2A Tax

Illinois state Sen. Toi Hutchinson is pushing an amendment to a budget measure that would...
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