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What Makes A Gun A Gun?

The media has recently made much ado about prosecutions being dismissed involving AR-15 lower receivers....

Crooked California: Bad Gun-Control Laws Once Again Foster Official Corruption

In news that will not shock gun-rights supporters, the anti-gun utopia of California has provided...

Knoxville, Tenn., City Council Votes to Stop Accepting Gun Shows on City Property

“If gun owners aren’t concerned about this, they certainly should be.”

U.S. Virgin Islands Politician Uses Hurricane To Order Gun Confiscation

The governor of an American territory has instructed his National Guard to take firearms and...

Carry Life | Home “Carry,” Part 3

Home carry is unappealing, we grant. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable as well.

Kimber Micro 9

Now and then we feel like we’re caught in an infomercial: “But Wait! There’s More!”...

NRA Launches New Ad Outlining Clinton’s History Of Lying

The National Rifle Association just released its strongest attack on Hillary Clinton to date.

We Don’t Need You

Wayne LaPierre calls out the corrupt elites who run the country.

CBS Pretends Buying An AR-15 As Easy As Buying “A Cup Of Coffee At Starbucks”

Adam Winkler claimed, “Throughout most of America, you can go into a gun store and...

Op-Ed: New Orleans Proposal Would Only Affect The Law-Abiding

A gun-control package proposed by New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu will do nothing to protect...

Hillary Clinton: Under Indictment, In The White House ... Or Both?

Can the Justice Department justifiably deny the American people a full hearing of the details...

First Gear | X-Tremely Useful

X-Treme Bullets are a top-shelf way to create bottom-shelf-priced ammunition.

North Carolina Would-Be Terrorist Faces Murder Charge

The Morganton, N.C., teenager charged last June with plotting to kill up to 1,000 people...

How Britain Cooks The Books

To conceal the failure of gun-control measures, the UK routinely obfuscates crime stats.

The Armed Citizen® Pizza Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers make easy targets, so some take their safety in their own hands.