Freedom On The Move In Oklahoma

The Oklahoma House of Representatives has passed three measures that, if approved by the Senate and governor, will be a big win for Sooner State gun owners.

The Walls Keep Tumbling Down

Right-to-Carry continues to sweep the nation with legislative victories expanding permitless, open and campus carry.

OK Gun Owners Urged To Contact Committee Members Today

Members have been selected to make up the conference committees considering Oklahoma’s House Bill 3098 and House Joint Resolution 1009, and they need to hear from interested Oklahoma residents now.

Oklahoma “Permitless” Open Carry Advances

Legislation would roll back Oklahoma permit requirement to openly carry a firearm for self-defense.

Permitless Open Carry Moves Forward In Oklahoma

An important piece of pro-gun legislation known as the “Constitutional Open Carry Bill” cleared the Oklahoma Senate Rules Committee Wednesday by a vote of 10-3.

Open Carry Without A Permit Passes Oklahoma House

In Oklahoma, the state capitol was the scene of impassioned debate this week over a bill that would do away with a permit requirement for open carry by law-abiding gun owners.

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