Oscars Post All-Time Low In Viewership

What happens when you give a Hollywood star an open platform instead of scripted dialogue? We found out when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held its 90th annual Oscars in March.

The Hard Work To Keep Americans Safe Is Happening Everywhere. Just Not Washington, D.C.

After every massacre, politicians and media complain that “nothing is ever done.” There is; it’s just not the sweeping gun control they want.

The Hate Show

Leftists have hijacked late-night television, bludgeoning viewers with venomous propaganda instead of the entertainment they came seeking.

Jimmy The Ignorant … And Hateful

Turning his comedy show into a leftist political rant, Jimmy Kimmel shows his ignorance about guns, gun owners and the Second Amendment.

Jimmy Kimmel Apparently Can't See His Own Hypocrisy

When you have appointed yourself the country’s late-night “moral authority,” it’s apparently hard to see that you’re also one of the country’s biggest hypocrites.

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