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“Assault Weapons” Bans Ineffective, Say Bloomberg-Backed Researchers

Bans on “assault weapons” have no direct impact on fatal mass shootings, concluded a study...

Education The Bloomberg Way

Michael Bloomberg’s School Presents Advocacy as Education

California Firearm-Related Deaths Not Affected by Background Checks

A new study reveals no change in rates of cause of death since 2000.

Anti-Gunners Coagulate To Claim “Study” Shows A Majority Of Americans Oppose Carry

Facing momentum in several state legislatures to relax restrictions on concealed carry, a gaggle of...

The Real Epidemic

Cam Edwards discusses the epidemic of drug overdose deaths and the media’s silence.

Oklahoma Senior Citizen Responds To Professor Who Wants Her To Give Up Her Gun

A 78-year-old Oklahoma City lady who has been shooting for more than a half century...

An Anti-Gun Study So Bad, Even Anti-Gunners Attack It

The Boston University study claims that of the 25 gun-control laws examined, nine decreased gun...

Weird Science

Bloomberg funds bogus “science,” then publishes it in “studies” to discredit your rights.

Weaving A Web Of Deceit

Bloomberg’s anti-gun news organization The Trace shows its true colors.

Media Unquestioningly Repeat Connecticut Gun Crime Claim

The Washington Post’s report on a “study” was tied to the Bloomberg School of Public...

Newsflash: Deceptive Questions Skew Polls In Favor Of Gun Control!

Washington Post writer Todd Frankel this week unquestioningly reported on “polls” conducted by the Johns...

Bloomberg Rules

With unlimited wealth and time on his hands, the influence of Michael Bloomberg is about...