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Replica Machine Gun Barred from City Parade in Kansas, Reinstated

Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach loses fight to ride in Iola Farm City Days parades...

The Armed Citizen® | Liquor Stores, Part 2

These armed liquor store employees have a low tolerance for lawbreakers.

Researcher John Lott On Campus Carry Delirium

With all the hand-wringing and nay-saying over the new campus carry law that took effect...

K.C. Newspaper Tries To Tie Abandoned Gun To Campus Carry

In an apparent attempt to paint concealed-carry permit holders as irresponsible, The Kansas City Star...

The Armed Citizen® | Missouri

Check out these six times Missouri residents used legally owned firearms to protect themselves and...

Carry Is Breaking Out All Over

AWR Hawkins looks at the incredible strides made by the concealed carry movement already this...

How To Stop Rising Violent Crime

Tentative cops and uncertain justice are driving up urban homicide rates.

Armed Men Rescue Woman Under Attack In Parking Lot

A woman in a Shawnee, Kan., Walmart parking lot was attacked on Sunday afternoon by...

Gun Ownership Booming Among Women, Minorities, Seniors

While politicians attack and disparage gun rights, the vulnerable and victimized prepare for their defense.

The Armed Citizen® | Kansas City

Kansas City residents of the Show Me State exercise their right to self-defense.

Kansas Store Clerk Thwarts Armed Robbery

A Kansas liquor store clerk used his firearm to stop two armed robbers who were...

Are 141 Medical Groups Really Anti-Gun?

How Doctors for America shamelessly padded its list to make it look like doctors support...

Armed K.C. Woman Stops Home Invasion

A Kansas City woman used her firearm to stop a violent home invasion late Wednesday...

Guns—Must Be Present To Win

Armed citizens can’t stop violence where they can’t carry guns.

The Armed Citizen® The '70s

Americans have always handled their own safety, as these stories from the 1970s show.

The Armed Citizen® June 25, 2013

Two teenage boys were spotted by a neighbor as they loaded items from the cabin...

The Armed Citizen® August 10, 2011

A woman in her early 50s was getting out of the shower when the bathroom...