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How the NRA Became a Bulwark for Freedom

San Francisco’s recent decision to classify the National Rifle Association as a “terrorist” organization and...

Will the Senate Turn Blue?

Gun owners must prevent anti-gunners from flipping the U.S. Senate in November.

Senseless Anti-Gun Outcry In The Post-Dispatch

Frequent contributor Stacy Washington looks at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s latest attack on law-abiding gun...

Deflection: A Primary Tool For Left-Leaning Media

Stacy Washington details how the anti-gun media and others on the Left use deflection to...

Long List Of Pro-Gun Wins In Missouri!

Following last week’s adjournment of the Missouri General Assembly, NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action is...

Media Double Standard Explained

Progressives must shut down truth-tellers, particularly the conservative ones, because the opposing view proves how...

Appeals Court Clarifies Missouri Airport Carry Law

A recent ruling by the Missouri Court of Appeals states that gun owners with a...

Missouri Measure Would Allow Lawsuits Over Gun-Free Zones

A measure filed by a Republican lawmaker in Missouri would provide opportunity for gun owners...

Winning The Ground Game

State by state, NRA-ILA made gains for gun owners in 2016.

Campus Carry Might Be Back On The Agenda In Missouri

For three years running, campus carry has been introduced in the Missouri House and Senate....

30 Years Later, It’s Time To Stop Lying About Concealed Carry

Charles Cooke has had enough of concealed-carry haters telling the same old lies for decades.

Support Needed For Missouri Veto Override

With former NYC mayor and anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg poised to spend big bucks in...

Hillary Clinton: “I Support The Second Amendment.”

Hillary Clinton mocks the nation’s gun owners by claiming to support the right to keep...

A Crucial Fork In The Road To Freedom

While the presidential race is critical, we can’t afford to overlook this fall’s House and...

“Permitless” Carry On The Move In Missouri

On Tuesday, the Missouri House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed House Bill 1468—a “permitless” concealed-carry measure.

The “Permitless” Carry Train Has Left The Station

“Permitless” concealed-carry legislation is under consideration in five states across the nation.

Missouri “Permitless” Carry Legislation Needs Support

NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action is calling on Missouri gun owners to voice their support...

Obama’s Press Conference Circus

Darren LaSorte tears into the falsehoods of President Obama’s gun-control speech.

American Sheriffs Rally Concealed-Carry Permit Holders

Sheriffs across the country support Second Amendment after San Bernardino terror attack.

The Long Hard Road To Freedom

The recent victory in the "Land of Lincoln" was the culmination of decades of tireless...