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Building a Gun Vault Without Breaking the Bank

The addition of a safe room or a walk-in vault that has a secure door...

An Evil Wind Blows Through The Land

There’s a saying that the devil’s greatest triumph was getting people to believe he doesn’t...

When The Hurricane Hits, Will You Be A Hero Or A Zero?

Chuck Holton shares what he has learned in his 15 years of experience covering natural...

Armed In The Storm

When a natural disaster hits and chaos reigns, the Second Amendment is all that stands...

NRA Battling Virgin Islands Gun Confiscation

A directive that the U.S. Virgin Islands National Guard confiscate guns and ammunition from private...

U.S. Virgin Islands Politician Uses Hurricane To Order Gun Confiscation

The governor of an American territory has instructed his National Guard to take firearms and...

Ammo In High Demand As Houston Residents Fear Looters

A natural disaster can be all it takes for the social order to collapse and...

Carry Life: Smart People, Dumb Ideas

The New York Times: Rarely do you find so many dumb ideas about self-defense in...

Carry Life | Magazine Mayhem, Part I

Your defensive semi-auto is a nothing more than paperweight without good mags, conscientiously maintained.

Who Can Replace Scalia?

Gun-banners are aching for a chance to fill some very big shoes on the U.S....

Meet Allan Cors

Cors’ role in blunting the 1968 Gun Control Act and creating NRA-ILA can’t be overstated.

Under What Circumstances Is It OK To Forcibly Disarm Law-Abiding Americans?

Our rights are liable to be under siege every time an emergency strikes.

The High Price Of Helping New Jersey?

Should carrying your Second Amendment rights across state lines cost you time in prison?

Carry Life | Getting A Grip, Take One

Issues with the grip are the single biggest problem in shooting a handgun well.

School Shootings: Not Another Natural Disaster

According to a new report from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 70 percent...