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Socialist Wave Threatens to Drown Gun Rights

Last month, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre warned of a coming socialist wave that...

This Senator Thinks We’ll Be Safer With Open Borders And Gun Bans

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy touts a recipe for disaster—completely open borders combined with restricted Second...

When The Death Of Justice Comes, It Will Look Like A Terror Watch List

The 5th Amendment guarantees due process—but about half our congressmen and senators don’t care anymore.

Where Do You Put Your Trust?

Anti-gunners are trying to turn the beleaguered Terror Watch List into a “no guns” list.

Anti-Gun State Leaders Push Watch List Gun Bans

Gun-ban governors push to restrict those on secret government lists from purchasing guns.

Abusing Government Watch Lists: How Freedom Dies

Why are so many politicians willing to sacrifice the Bill of Rights to gut the...

Anti-Gunners Marooned On Terror Watch List Gun Ban

More thinkers on the typically anti-gun left are rejecting Obama’s watch list gun ban.

NV: Senator Wants To Ban Guns Through Secret Lists While Denying Due Process

Sen. Ruben Kihuen is calling on fellow state legislators to return to Carson City for...

This Is How Hard It Is To Get Off The No Fly List

Malaysian architect Rahinah Ibrahim is “… the only person since the 9/11 attacks to file...

The Faces Of The FBI’s Secret Lists

Just a few of the stories of people who have wound up on the Terrorist...

President Misleads Americans On Gun Rights And Terrorism

President Barack Obama on Sunday night used last week’s terrorist shootings in San Bernardino to...

Long Live The 1911

The classic handgun meets modern technique in championship shooting at its very best.


Spoiler alert: one more pistol you're gonna have to buy.