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Shooting Straight with John R. Lott

This gun-control activist really didn’t like John R. Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research...

Cancel Culture’s Warriors Want You Silenced

In a sadly predictable plot twist, The New York Times’ Editorial Board’s activists turned on...

Why We Fight To Preserve, Safeguard Our Important Second Amendment

Growing up in New York City during the ‘70s and ‘80s, I saw firsthand the...

Spike in Recent Gun Crimes Shows Gun-Control Laws Failing in the U.K.

U.K.'s gun-control laws are clearly not in control of rising gun crimes.

Virginia Special Session Shows: How Gun Owners Must Mobilize To Defend Freedom

As many Americans spent the July 4th weekend enjoying cookouts, parades, and fireworks with family...

Standing Guard | Project Helps Communities Post Lower Crime Rates

As Chicago struggles with a high number of homicides, other places are finding that if...

Millennials Are Sick Of Being Branded “Anti-Gun”

Is there truth to the media’s assertions that nearly all young Americans hate firearms?

Turk’s “White Paper” Signals Fundamental Change In Policy

NRA President Allan Cors discusses the apparent change of attitude at the Bureau of Alcohol,...

UK Gang Buys Guns From Same Place As Charlie Hebdo Terrorists

Police in the United Kingdom seized the country’s largest stockpile of illegal automatic weapons ever,...

Leland Yee Facing Eight Years In Federal Prison

Judge Charles Breyer will rule on Yee’s formal sentencing later this month.

Heller’s Vultures

Two justices who voted for Heller will be 80+ when the next president is elected.

The Year In Pathetic Gun “Buyback” Attempts

2015 was not a good year for gun “buybacks,” with bad ideas and underwhelming results.

Australian Official: Gun Control Protects Us From Terrorism

Apparently Australia doesn’t have to worry too much about the kind of terrorist attack that...

European Commission Calls For More Gun Restrictions

The European Commission’s new gun-control package will hurt good guys, not terrorists.

Australia: The Effects Of Gun Control

A new journalistic report reveals the truth hidden behind Australia’s claims of successful gun control.

The Volstead Act: An Exercise In Unintended Consequences

“Do something!” the gun-haters cry. It’s been tried before, and wasn’t a success.

Anti-Gun Mayors Shift Blame For Violence Onto Congress

In reality, Salas and her ilk have spent the last 40 years hamstringing our law...

CNN’s Parallel Universe

A piece on CNN.com mangled history in an attempt to prove that the NRA will...

Criminals Tell Us Why They Don't Mind Gun Control

Gun-control schemes speculate on how criminals get guns. Why not just ask them?

Trimming Citizens

A Supreme Court decision won’t stop Congress’ attempts to censor speech.
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