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A letter from Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre on how New York State's political leaders...

Shooting Straight with Mark Robinson

In this hyperbolic age of Twitter memes, Instagram-polished images and one-sided mainstream media narratives, it...

President’s Column | No One Knows How To Fight Gun-Control Legislation And Win Like The NRA

Law-abiding American gun owners are presently facing the most vicious and broad-based attacks this nation...

Congrats, Gun Owners! You're Almost Back To 5-4.

Ten years ago, the Supreme Court found for an individual right to own a gun...

Democrats Run Ads That Include Guns

But don’t be fooled; that doesn’t mean they appreciate our firearms freedom.

Eye Opening

A former NPR CEO spent a year visiting America’s heartland and came away with a...

The Washington Post Bashes Guns With Bogus Facts

Frank Miniter details how the editorial board at The Washington Post uses deceptive reporting to...

NRA Takes On McCaskill For Vote Against Judge Gorsuch

Following a “no” vote Friday on the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S....

Va. Lawmakers Fail To Overturn Governor’s Veto Of Self-Defense Bills

This week, the Virginia legislature decided to place partisan politics above the safety of domestic...

Facebook’s “Fake News” Flagging Fail

The many reasons why Facebook’s “fake news” flags are fraught with farce.

Two Senators Target Operation Choke Point

Two U.S. senators are looking to put an end to the Justice Department’s Operation Choke...

Michael Bloomberg Won’t Run For President

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Monday in an article on Bloomberg View that a...

George Washington: Monument

284 years ago this week, George Washington was born. A mighty good thing, too.

Where Have The Pro-Gun Democrats Gone?

Darren LaSorte looks at the partisan shift in firearm politics in the United States.

Third Century | Billy Johnson

Freedom-loving blogger Billy Johnson believes it is every citizen’s responsibility to speak out.