NRA 150: Making History Today for Future Generations

We’ve covered a great deal of NRA history, but now we need to address making history.

More Details On Second Amendment Guarantee Act

We told you last week how U.S. Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., has introduced the Second Amendment Guarantee Act. Now NRA’s Institute for Legislative action is explaining the importance of the measure.

Massachusetts Committee To Consider Pro-Gun Legislation

A Massachusetts joint committee will hear two important pieces of pro-gun legislation on Tuesday morning.

Gun Owners Victorious In Nevada

On Monday, the Nevada Legislature adjourned, ending a session that not only saw the defeat of two particularly onerous anti-gun bills, but also the passage of pro-gun legislation benefiting Nevadans in the armed forces.

Michael Bloomberg Admits He Deceives—When He Can

Frequent A1F Daily contributor Frank Miniter explores how Michael Bloomberg’s lies about guns carry over to his pet project—Everytown For Gun Safety.

Pro-Gun Legislation Heads To Iowa Governor

An omnibus pro-gun bill has been passed by Iowa lawmakers and now sits on the desk of Gov. Terry Branstad. House File 517 calls for, among other things:

Montana “Permitless” Carry Bill Heads To Senate Floor

The Montana Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday passed House Bill 262, important pro-gun legislation that would deregulate the carry permit process in the state.

MT: House Approves “Permitless” Concealed Carry, Post Office Carry Bills

Two important pieces of pro-gun legislation were approved in the Montana House on Tuesday.

Democrats Vow To Kill National RTC Reciprocity

A Second Amendment advocate from the start, President-elect Donald Trump has been working closely with NRA to help create pro-gun legislation that will make life easier for America’s millions of gun owners.

Suppressor Bill On The Move In Illinois

In Illinois, an important piece of pro-gun legislation is on the move—but we need your help to ensure it makes it all the way to the governor’s desk.

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