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Elections Matter: Pennsylvania Attorney General “Re-defines” Firearms

Looking for an indication of how important a single race for a single elected position...

Despite Four-Hour Wait to Speak, Texans for Gun Rights Addressed Legislators

Public commentators cited many concerns about encroachments on constitutional rights.

Standing Guard | The Future Of The NRA

How Freedom Can And Must Triumph Again

What 2020 Looks Like

While Democrat candidates align themselves behind plans to destroy the Second Amendment, President Donald Trump...

Standing Guard | Media Outlets Say Voting for What We Want is Selfish

A war is being waged against gun owners and the NRA, and newspapers are spreading...

President’s Column | Your Vote Outweighs Their Millions: Make Your Voice Heard Nov. 6

The money men behind the push for gun control want to seize power in Washington...

Toppling Pro-Gun Governors

Regardless of whether your state’s legislature has a pro-gun or anti-gun majority, there is one...

Standing Guard | Democrats Make Gun Control a “Litmus Test”—a Test They’ll Fail

Make no mistake. This election is about your Second Amendment … your guns … your...

Virginia Races Remain Close Despite Injection Of Bloomberg Cash

Pro-Second Amendment candidates in Virginia are facing a tough battle, but this is still anyone’s...

Beware The Anti-Gun Candidate In Camo

When anti-gun politicians don camo to claim support for the Second Amendment, comedy often ensues.

So You Want To Help Pro-Gun Candidates Win This Election?

If you are an A1F Daily reader who wants to help save the Second Amendment...

How We Win

NRA members win elections because we roll up our sleeves and do the hard work...

NRA-Backed Candidates Win Governor’s Race In Kentucky And Mississippi

NRA A-rated candidates prevailed in both of Tuesday’s gubernatorial elections.

Carry Life | Hillary's Supreme Court Would Wipe Out All Our Gains

American gun rights will hinge on the 45th president’s Supreme Court appointments.

March Of The Elephants

Eleven Republican presidential hopefuls addressed those gathered at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum last Friday at...