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Gun Stores Are Increasingly Being Zoned Out

Some Municipalities Are Banning Gun Stores With City Ordinances

2A Supporters March for Gun Rights in N.C.

Rain doesn’t keep die-hard dozens from making their point about firearms freedom.

Mark Robinson Talks at NRA-ILA Leadership Forum

The Second Amendment supporter spoke about courage and truth at the NRA Annual Meetings &...

Legends | The Perfect Gun That’s Fit For A Prince

The Feinwerkbau Omega 124 shown here is air gun royalty.

Post Columnist Wants U.S. Government To “Buy Back” Guns It Never Owned

A Washington Post columnist is calling for the United States government to hold a gun...

Legends | The Perfect Gun For Sailing The High Seas

These historic firearms were rescued from the yacht S.S. United States after it sank at...

How The 4th Circuit Court Of Appeals Is Trying To Kill The Second Amendment

Cam Edwards explores the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals’ attempt to toss the Second Amendment...

Fourth Circuit: Carrying A Gun Makes You A Suspect

One court’s assault on the right to carry by declaring all who carry a firearm—legally...

Ohio Woman Saves Children, Shoots Home Invaders

Two men come to your back door late at night, saying they’re having car trouble...

The Little County That Could

Quiet, modest Haralson County, Ga., may only have a population of 28,000, but it honors...

ISIS Sympathizer Paroled Early In South Carolina

A South Carolina teenager who plotted to join the Islamic State terrorist group and kill...

High School Rifle Clubs Soar In Popularity

More teens are training and competing nationwide, causing a boom in gun club participation.

10 Guns That Escaped A Watery Grave

These antique firearms were recovered from the sunken S.S. United States.

The Armed Citizen® Detroit

These Detroit residents used firearms to find safety in a lawless environment.

Finding NRA In Ireland

Why an Irish flight operator is a proud member of America’s National Rifle Association.

Chicken Little Meets The Federal Court

The Brady Campaign got hammered flat in their lawsuit against Kansas Governor Sam Brownback over...

Despite Cuomo’s Efforts, SAFE Act Data Will Be Made Available To Public

A recent N.Y. Supreme Court ruling in Robinson v. Cuomo requires the immediate release of...

The Armed Citizen® May 14, 2013

Ernest Robinson, an assistant high school basketball coach, was escorting two of his female team...

The Armed Citizen® October 5, 2011

When a gunman entered U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell’s home, attacked his daughter and demanded money,...