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Tacoma City Council Votes Unanimously to Tax Firearms and Ammunition Sales

New tax follows in footsteps of Seattle to tax law-abiding gun owners.

Did Detroit Just Pass a Bullet Tax and Mental-Health Mandate?

While the Motor City took a step in that direction, we're not there yet.

Seattle City Council Candidates Want To Further Punish Lawful Gun Owners

Seattle City Council candidates Jon Grant and Teresa Mosqueda think the city’s tax on guns...

Washington Supreme Court Backs Seattle Gun Tax

The Washington state Supreme Court on Thursday upheld Seattle’s punitive tax on guns and ammunition.

Shutting Down Legitimate Debate On Critical Issues

Cam Edwards discusses how to many on the left want to stifle debate, rather than...

Taking Back America: Why Winning Really Matters!

The election of Donald Trump as president struck a resounding blow against tyranny.

Seattle Council: Selling Guns To Law-Abiding Citizens Is Putting Them “Into The Wrong Hands”

Judging from the Seattle City Council’s decision earlier this week to destroy old police firearms...

Seattle Gun Tax Punishing Gun Owners And Retailers; Crime Still High

The city originally anticipated raising $300,000-$500,000 in tax revenue. At this rate they’ll never reach...

How Seattle Is Using A Tax On Gun Owners Against Gun Owners

Seattle has passed a tax on gun and ammo purchases in order to fund anti-gun...

L.A. Councilmen Want Seattle-Style Gun And Ammunition Taxes

Councilmen Paul Koretz and Paul Krekorian are now pushing Council File 15-1188, which seeks to...

Seattle Creates New Tax On Guns And Ammo

A new tax on guns and ammo in Seattle could put firearm retailers out of...

Lawsuits Out West

Both Seattle and Los Angeles face court challenges by the NRA over recent anti-gun laws.

Seattle City Council Passes Gun-Tax Bill

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously on Monday to approve both a mandatory reporting bill...

Seattle Moves Closer To Punitive Tax On Guns And Ammo

The tax money collected would be directed toward the vaguely defined area of “gun violence...