VIDEO: Shooting Straight with Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson has a lot to say about what can actually make our inner-city neighborhoods safer.

More Churches are Getting Serious About Security

What’s been receiving much less media attention is that many churches have already implemented plans to deal with this worst-case scenario, while other places of worship are now rushing to make their facilities more secure.

The Armed Citizen® | Louisiana

13 stories of armed self-defense in Louisiana.

Carjacker Picks Wrong Victim, Pays With His Life

Two carjackers targeted the wrong victim in Shreveport’s Highland neighborhood Saturday evening, and the armed victim came out on top.

The Armed Citizen® 1990s

Laws and bans at local, state and federal levels proved difficult for ’90s armed citizens.

The Armed Citizen® Grandparents

These senior citizens took up arms to protect family members or themselves.

The Armed Citizen® March 13, 2014

Police were dispatched to Pizza Heaven II late one evening to respond to a robbery. The owner of the pizzeria reported that he had just been robbed by two men, one of whom was armed with a rifle. The robbers demanded money from the cash register, which the owner handed over.

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