Oklahoma: Wildlife Department Partners With NRA for Safety

The partnership will offer free online hunter education courses that will help people become safe, legal and ethical hunters.

OK Governor Signs 2 Pro-Gun Measures

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin recently signed two pro-gun measures into law, further strengthening the right to keep and bear arms of Sooner State gun owners.

Freedom On The Move In Oklahoma

The Oklahoma House of Representatives has passed three measures that, if approved by the Senate and governor, will be a big win for Sooner State gun owners.

The Armed Citizen® | Oklahoma

11 Stories of Oklahoma residents exercising their rights in defense of themselves and others.

Oklahoma: Two Important Pro-Gun Bills Stalled In Committee

Two bills that would substantially strengthen Second Amendment rights in the Sooner State—HJR 1009 and HB 3098—are currently on hold in conference committees.

Sensibility In The Sooner State

The Oklahoma Senate has approved a bill allowing school districts to designate individuals who may carry firearms on school grounds.

Mark Vaughan: NRA LEO Of The Year

Mark Vaughan was named Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by the National Rifle Association. It’s worth revisiting his act of breathtaking heroism.

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