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Ballot Initiatives: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The season has passed for gathering signatures for voter initiatives in the 24 states that...

Bloomberg Banked On His Billions, But Came Up Short

It is no secret that New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg is exorbitantly rich.

California Scheming

Will California’s gun laws come to your state?

Maine Gun-Control Proponents Unmoved by Recent Legislative Failures

Majority of gun-control bills rejected prior to upcoming legislative session.

Gun Control Is Important Topic as Canadians Head to the Polls

Election results may determine extent of gun-control restrictions.

NRA-ILA Launches Initiative to Stop Assault on Washingtonians’ Rights

The new website Initiative1639.org is an effort to spread the word to law-abiding gun owners...

Brown Vetoes Dealer Storage Bill, Signs Open Carry Ban

And just in case you didn’t think it was hard enough to be a California...

Still Time To Speak Out Against California Anti-Gun Legislation

NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action is reminding California gun owners that there is still time...

Fate Of 3 Anti-Gun Bills Lies With California Governor

California lawmakers are relentless in their quest to quash every last gun right in the...

California Democrats Pushing New Gun Controls For Law-Abiding Citizens

With gun ownership already heavily regulated in the state, California Democrats are pushing several more...

California Legislature Back In Action Against Gun Rights

Last week the California Legislature reconvened after the summer recess, and already a slew of...

The Trace Blames The Victims (When They’re Gun Owners)

When Michael Bloomberg’s The Trace sets out to analyze a “new study,” one thing’s for...