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Maine Newspaper Calls For Abolition Of All Guns

When in doubt, throw ’em all out. So says Greg Bates in an op-ed to...

Maine Legislator Calls Gun-Free Zones “Magnets For Murderers”

A Maine legislator who favors a proposal to lift the ban on permitted concealed handguns...

Maine Wardens Opposing Question 3

The Maine Warden Service is speaking out against Question 3, the punitive Bloomberg-supported ballot initiative...

Former Pol Uses Terrorism To Call For “Smart” Gun Mandates

Dill reluctantly notes that yes, people were technically to blame, before launching into a convoluted...

Living In Lembo

Retired and disabled, he defended himself with a gun. Will he now be homeless, too?

Erasing The Armed Citizen

Gun-banners are engaged in a massive media effort to portray armed self-defense as rare.

The Perfect Target: Disabled, Disarmed, Defenseless And Abandoned

Harvey Lembo stopped a home invader with a gun, but now he’s being told to...

A Show of Courage in Detroit

Detroit Police Chief James Craig brings wisdom gained from the streets of Los Angeles and...