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Shooting Straight with Dave Rubin

My first words to Dave Rubin were: “So you bought a gun?”

Shooting Straight with Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson calls from his home in rural Maine. He heads up to those pine...

“F--- the NRA” Candidate Drops Out

New Mexico Democrat Pat Davis made headlines when one of his campaign ads used profanity...

Tucker Carlson vs. U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell

Fox News host challenges congressman on his gun control wish list.

Tucker Carlson Blasts Politician for Obscene Anti-NRA Ad

New Mexico congressional candidate Pat Davis uses a campaign ad to say, “(Expletive) the NRA”—and...

Gun Control Crowd Easily Offended These Days

Beware of the killer T-shirts. Top 4 inane overreactions in response to guns.

Glazing Over The Facts

Frequent contributor Darren LaSorte describes how Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson recently schooled gun-ban advocate...

Tucker Carlson Says He’ll Disarm When Michael Bloomberg Does

A former executive director of Everytown for Gun Safety failed to mount an effective defense...

How Tech Companies Are Turning Minds Against Second Amendment Freedoms

Frank Miniter explores how a few left-leaning companies in Silicon Valley are trying to turn...

The Murder Rate Is Up Because Of This Denial

Frank Miniter explores the close-minded attitude of many big-city politicians that leads to higher murder...