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Uber Driver Sues Over No-Guns Policy

The popular ride-sharing service Uber has banned firearms for both passengers and drivers since 2015—bizarrely...

3 Revelations From The 146th NRA Annual Meetings In Atlanta

Creative Director Clay Turner shares three special things he learned at last weekend’s NRA Annual...

A No-Go Zone In Spring

With the immigration debate raging in the United States, A1F contributor and NRATV correspondent Chuck...

Gun-Free Zones Are Targets

A1F interviews researcher John Lott to get the real facts on gun-free zones.

Uber Driver Fights Off Armed Robber

A Florida Uber driver who was licensed to carry a concealed firearm used his gun...

Donald Trump’s Victory: A Must For Our Nation

Wayne LaPierre stresses the need for active prosecution of existing federal firearms laws.

Democrats Look To Block Christie’s Plan To Ease NJ Gun Laws

Democratic lawmakers have vowed to fight Christie’s administration, offering only a promise to help better...

They Have No Shame

Both President Barack Obama and Uber are wrong on guns, but have no shame about...

The Vulnerability Index: What Is Your VX In An Uber?

Your personal vulnerability changes depending on the decisions you make. Uber, anyone?

Alleged Kalamazoo Killer Apparently Untouched By Gun Laws, Background Checks

The Uber taxicab driver charged with killing six and wounding two Saturday night in Kalamazoo...

Guns—Must Be Present To Win

Armed citizens can’t stop violence where they can’t carry guns.

Erasing The Armed Citizen

Gun-banners are engaged in a massive media effort to portray armed self-defense as rare.

Law Professor: Civilians Do Stop Mass Shootings

Do civilians with guns ever stop mass shootings? According to UCLA constitutional law professor Eugene...

Uber: Showing How It Works In La-La Land

Uber had an armed driver save lives with a gun—so they’re banning them all.

Uber Disarms Drivers, Passengers To Make Them “Comfortable”

Uber joins Lyft, another ride-sharing app, in banning lawful gun possession.

Chicago Cab Driver Stops Gunman Shooting At Pedestrians

When a gunman started shooting a handgun at pedestrians in front of his cab, a...