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President Trump "Unsigns" The Arms Trade Treaty

At the 148th Annual Meetings of NRA members, I had the distinct honor of hosting...

Obama Takes One Last Shot At American Gun Owners

President Obama takes a last jab at gun owners by sending the U.N. Arms Trade...

Obama Administration Pushes To Ratify UN Gun Treaty

Secretary of State John Kerry signed it, a confederation of Republican and Democratic senators oppose...

Mexico Asks U.S. To Ban Popular Semi-Auto Rifles

According to a recent report at GlobalTimes.cn, Mexico’s foreign minister has chosen to meddle in...

True Colors

The UN reveals the battle plan for its war on our Second Amendment freedom.

United Nations: Trouble In Paradise

ATT Conference in Cancun sheds light on the U.N.’s global campaign against gun owners.

A Sober Anniversary

The first casualty is the plan, as the Black Hawk Down mission dreadfully proved.

UN Arms Treaty Reps Approve Veto-Proof Decision Making

This gives the body a veto-proof process for making gun control decisions going forward.

Mighty Hot For A Cold War

Many ironies and contradictions earned Korea the sobriquet of a “Forgotten War.”

The Armed Citizen® December 23, 2014

The father of a 2-year-old girl did what he could to protect his child. When...