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Arizona’s Kelly Campaign Has Gotten Caught Trying to Hide His Gun-Control Agenda

In a bid to win an Arizona U.S. Senate seat, Democrat Mark Kelly may be...

Tech Censorship Has Huge Second Amendment Implications

Increasing censorship from social-media companies should worry anyone who cherishes their freedom.

Claire McCaskill Hides Anti-Gun Sentiment from Voters

Project Veritas undercover effort exposes her true feelings about gun control.

Phil Bredesen’s Team Thinks Voters are “Ignorant”

Project Veritas catches staffers in lies about supporting Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump.

Less Complaining And More Encouraging

Darren LaSorte discusses Americans who have taken their safety into their own hands and who...

Undercover Video: Clinton Supporter Says Hillary Wants To “Get Guns Away From Everyone”

In a hidden-camera video released Thursday, the host of a California fundraiser for Wisconsin U.S....

Steven Crowder Video Shows Gun Control “Common Sense” ... Ain’t So Common

Steven Crowder’s video exposes the myths believed by non-gun owners—and the menace they pose to...

Masking Gun Control With Positive Messaging

For fear of turning off voters, Clinton and the anti-gun lobby try to rebrand gun...

DNC Part 2: More Big Lies From Philly

We continue our coverage of the blatantly anti-gun Democratic National Convention.

The Vulnerability Index: What's Your VX At A Gun Show?

Gun-banners want you to think gun shows arm criminals, but that’s not true. So what’s...

Comedian Goes Undercover To Slip Through The “Gun Show Loophole”

Steven Crowder tests the pronouncements of politicians and media personalities who claim it’s easy to...

Common Core Textbook Executive: “Damn The Second Amendment”

It’s a rare glimpse at the elitism and bigotry of those who push a preachy...

BATFE’s Little Shop Of Horrors

Rather than concentrating on targeting dangerous armed felons and violent gun traffickers, BATFE sting operations...