Gun Owners Keep Freedom Alive

In a story that will surprise very few America’s 1st Freedom readers, a new study has concluded that gun owners are one of the most politically active voting blocs in the country.

Kansas Prof Disparages Second Amendment in Syllabus

This instructor so fears guns that he refuses to hold office hours on campus.

University of Kansas Crime Drops With Campus Carry

When Kansas passed a law recognizing lawful concealed carry on college campuses, anti-gun faculty predictably cried foul. One professor, Kevin Willmott, even made a show of wearing a bulletproof vest to class.

K.C. Newspaper Tries To Tie Abandoned Gun To Campus Carry

In an apparent attempt to paint concealed-carry permit holders as irresponsible, The Kansas City Star recently repeatedly cited the state’s new campus carry law in a fake news story about a gun found in a Kansas University restroom.

Regents Say KU Must Revise Gun Policy Clause

According to an Associated Press report, the Kansas Board of Regents has ruled that the University of Kansas must change a clause from its concealed weapons policy.

Campus Carry Vindicated By Evidence And Experience

Frequent A1F Daily contributor AWR Hawkins takes on left-wing professors who say that campus carry will lead to shootouts in classrooms, with students caught in the crossfire.

Why Are Researchers Surprised That Gun Owners Vote Strongly Republican

A rambling story in The Washington Post on Tuesday tried to explain why gun owners overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump during last November’s presidential election.

Kansas Professor Wrings Hands Over Campus Carry

On July 1, campus carry legislation takes effect in Kansas. That’s not only a big win for gun-rights activists, but for all law-abiding gun owners Sunflower State. Now it turns out the victory is also having some unintended, although not completely unwelcome, side effects.

Kansas University Professors Argue Against Campus Carry

A coalition of six professors at the University of Kansas are vowing to fight the law allowing concealed weapons on campus.

KU Moves One Step Closer To Campus Carry

Last Friday, we reported that Kansas State University had drafted a new weapons policy in advance of the July 2017 deadline for implementing concealed carry.

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