Hypocrite Julianne Moore Says Gun Control Not A Second Amendment Issue

Hypocrite actress Julianne Moore makes millions off gun violence in her films while at the same time attacking the rights of America’s law-abiding gun owners.

Anti-Gun “Satire” Rots The Onion

How comedians and satirists push gun-ban schemes and talking points, all the while acting like they’re “just joking.”

“Death Wish” Exposes The Left’s Alarming Hypocrisy On Guns

Frequent A1F Daily contributor Frank Miniter explores the anti-freedom Left’s attack on the new “Death Wish” movie.

Gun-Control’s Hollywood Connections

Everytown’s anti-gun Hollywood agenda has been a bust, but the gun-control group remains intent on pushing propaganda through the entertainment industry.

Proof That Many In Hollywood Have Closed Their Judgmental Minds

Frank Miniter looks at Everytown’s new star-studded anti-gun advertisement and the hypocritical stars who appear in it.

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