Peirce's Pair

This beautiful pair of Colt Model 1851 “Navy” revolvers has a storied past.

5 Guns That Won The West

These are the principle firearms that made westward expansion possible.

6 Guns That Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand

These little wonders were the last line of defense for their historical owners.

4 Guns That Carried The Silver Star

These firearms all relate to the proud law-enforcement tradition of the Texas Rangers.

5 Guns Fit For Ant-Man

These miniature rifles display fine, detailed craftsmanship.

5 More Guns Hollywood Took To War

Our second look at war movie guns focuses on firearms from recent films.

10 Guns That Escaped A Watery Grave

These antique firearms were recovered from the sunken S.S. United States.

No Doubt About It—Colt’s LE901-16s

Colt’s LE901-16s makes it hard to recall how much doubt stalked the MSR platform.

Setting It Straight

Two .45-caliber pistols that went head-to-head to become “America’s Pistol.”

The 4 Most Musical Guns

These four noteworthy firearms are sure to strike a chord with musically inclined gun owners.

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