A Thompson That Flew

This Thompson M1A1 submachine gun flew on the B-17 bomber Sweet Chariot.

Good Brooks: The Rifle That Takes Longer To Build Than A Car

Cecil Brooks made beautifully embellished rifles for more than half a century.

10 Guns From The World’s Sexiest Men

These guns have been in the hands of Hollywood’s hottest leading men.

Peirce's Pair

This beautiful pair of Colt Model 1851 “Navy” revolvers has a storied past.

The Gun That Can Kill 100 Birds At Once

The punt gun is the best example of getting the most return for a single shot.

Steampunk Guns

Steampunk Guns is a new display opening at NRA’s National Firearms Museum.

4 Guns That Carried The Silver Star

These firearms all relate to the proud law-enforcement tradition of the Texas Rangers.

The Gun Of Ship Captains, Mail Carriers And Highway Robbers

This beautiful Spanish blunderbuss has a history tied to the exploration of the New World.

The 4 Fastest Guns In The World

These guns have a history in the hands of legendary sharpshooters.

6 Seriously Weird Firearms

Unusual firing mechanisms and dual functionality make for some odd guns.

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