Bloomberg Bucks Flood Maine

Gun-control advocates in Maine are seeking a referendum on “universal” background checks.

Bans On Scary Guns Don't Save Lives

If Moms Demand Action were “focused on saving lives,” they’d do things a lot differently.

The 40 Percent Lie

Politicians keep promoting false gun stats because they think you’re too dumb to notice.

Trench Warfare

NRA is fighting the battle for the future of the Second Amendment state by state.

Freedom’s On Fire!

Only NRA can keep your Second Amendment rights from going up in flames.

Virginia: NRA Fighting Back For Your Right To Fight Back

How NRA plans to restore Right-to-Carry reciprocity in Virginia.

Shameless Bloomberg’s Sham Studies

Everytown for Gun Safety conducts new study with few common variables and no sense.

Confusions Of Grandeur

Bloomberg has commissioned a poll to test his viability as a presidential candidate.

Bloomberg’s New Low

Bloomberg’s new website tries to run young women against freedom-supporting boyfriends.

Could Michael Bloomberg Really Be Our Next President?

As Michael Bloomberg considers a presidential run, gun owners could face yet a third gun-ban candidate.

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