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Now They Want Your Ammo

The mainstream media has been so disinterested in telling people the truth about all of this for so long that many, perhaps even some people of good will, are jumping to silly conclusions about using ammunition as a means for more gun control.

Key Points from the Recent California Ruling

America's 1st Freedom takes a look at key takeaways from a recent ruling out of the Golden State.

The Armed Citizen® November 10, 2023

True stories of the right to keep and bear arms.

Mississippi Reelects Pro-Freedom Governor

This win illustrates the importance of elections and how crucial a part they play in the ongoing fight to defend our constitutional rights.

10 of the Most Dishonest Things Gun-Control Advocates Are Saying Now

When it comes to promoting their agenda, gun-ban groups and their political allies have a hard time telling the truth.

The NRA Will Not Be Silenced

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a case the state of New York didn’t want the Court to accept, as state officials don’t want to be held accountable for using their regulatory authority in a blatant attack on the NRA’s First Amendment rights.

Supreme Court Accepts NRA First Amendment Case

This decision is a landmark development in one of the most closely watched First Amendment cases in the nation. 

This First Amendment Attack is Designed to Reduce Gun Ownership

Rob Wilson’s struggle to retain his American freedom is regional, but it says a lot about what is happening now in many areas of this nation.

This Statue Doesn’t Lie

Millions of NRA members know that being a gun owner is not rare, unusual or extreme, but gun controllers and the mainstream media are hellbent on making the case to the contrary.

Federal Judge Rules Against NYC’s Latest Licensing Scheme

A federal court recently ruled that newly implemented requirements of New York City’s law are unconstitutional.

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