The Armed Citizen

The Armed Citizen® November 24, 2023

True stories of the right to keep and bear arms.

5 Points to Make About Freedom if Confronted at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Here are five important points that can be made about our Second Amendment freedom this Thanksgiving if someone forces the discussion in that direction.

California Armed Citizen Has His Concealed-Carry Permit Taken Away After He Protected His Family

After a California man protected his family, he has been disarmed and left vulnerable.

The Armed Citizen® November 17, 2023

True stories of the right to keep and bear arms.

Survey Says Why More Americans are Embracing Their Rights

Nearly three out of four American gun owners say this is the reason they own a firearm.

Biden’s Office of Anti-Freedom Activists

Biden’s newest office is nothing more than a partisan attempt to push an unpopular agenda.

Now They Want Your Ammo

The mainstream media has been so disinterested in telling people the truth about all of this for so long that many, perhaps even some people of good will, are jumping to silly conclusions about using ammunition as a means for more gun control.

Key Points from the Recent California Ruling

America's 1st Freedom takes a look at key takeaways from a recent ruling out of the Golden State.

The Armed Citizen® November 10, 2023

True stories of the right to keep and bear arms.

Mississippi Reelects Pro-Freedom Governor

This win illustrates the importance of elections and how crucial a part they play in the ongoing fight to defend our constitutional rights.

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