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Congressmen Demand Answers from the ATF

Congressmen from the Committee on Small Business are demanding answers over who, exactly, needs a license to sell a firearm.

Double Barrel: Biden Works To Suppress Retail And Private Firearm Sales

President Biden’s ATF is conducting a war on FFLs while the DOJ is simultaneously seeking to curtail lawful private firearms transfers by misinterpreting federal law. This two-pronged attack was the plan all along.

This Statue Doesn’t Lie

Millions of NRA members know that being a gun owner is not rare, unusual or extreme, but gun controllers and the mainstream media are hellbent on making the case to the contrary.

Federal Judge Rules Against NYC’s Latest Licensing Scheme

A federal court recently ruled that newly implemented requirements of New York City’s law are unconstitutional.

More on the Upcoming Elections

It’s time for the election of 2023: The one that could get away if freedom-loving voters don’t pay close enough attention.

Harris, Biden Make Their Goals Clear

It’s no secret that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris head up the most anti-Second Amendment administration in history. Now, they’re putting their anti-freedom agenda on full display

The Importance Of This Off-Year Election

It can be tempting for Americans to ignore what is happening in states other than their own, especially in off-cycle election years like this one, but this would be a mistake.

What Would Hunting Be Without Modern Guns?

Gun-control advocates keep insisting that certain rifles have no hunting purposes and that banning these so-called “weapons of war” will greatly reduce violent crime. Both contentions are easily proven false.

A Calculated Attempt to Diminish America’s Shooting Sports

The Biden administration is using the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act to reduce actual gun-safety educational opportunities for our youth.

The House Has a New Speaker

The new Speaker of the House is a “leading defender” of your Second Amendment rights.

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