A Soldier Fights Back

Fort Hood hero Sgt. Howard Ray wants to restore self-defense rights to service members.

The New NRA News

Meet the personalities leading the fight for your firearm freedoms on the new

I Am Forever: A Journey To Reignite The American Spirit

America’s declining culture is featured on Season 2 of “I Am Forever.”

Third Century | Natalie Foster

Blogger Natalie Foster’s goal is to share her love of shooting with other women.

NRA News: A1F Staff Picks, Part II

As the year ends, we share our favorite episodes in this edition of A1F Staff Picks.

Third Century | Dom Raso

Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso continues to fight for freedom in his civilian life.

President's Column | Media Would Rather Vilify NRA Than Terrorists

Media attacks NRA to push gun-ban agendas of President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Family And Firearms: Cat & Whitney Potgeter

This mother-and-daughter duo can help you take your shooting to the next level.

New Jersey Justice … Again!

Even law enforcement officers are not safe from New Jersey’s gun laws.

This Spring On NRA News

Take a look at the upcoming programming on NRA News.

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