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“True Hero” Eli Dicken Cleared of Charges, Praised by Police

No charges will be filed against Elisjsha Dicken, the 22-year-old armed citizen who stopped a mass murderer at an Indiana mall earlier this year.

The Truth About Armed Citizens in America

The mainstream media tells us that armed citizens almost never stop bad guys with guns. The truth is much more interesting than they want the American people to understand.

President’s Column | Americans Are Living Proof: Defensive Gun Use Saves Lives

The anti-gun lobby and their legacy-media propagandist allies would have you believe defensive gun uses are as a rare as hen's teeth. The truth is just the opposite.

President’s Column | “A Good Guy With A Gun”— A Fact, Not A Sound Bite!

Legacy-media outlets consistently ignore the fact that "a good guy with a gun" can save countless innocent lives when in the presence of evildoers.

Meet America’s No. 1 Lawful-Carry Hero

Americans are tired of being told there is no such thing as a "good guy with a gun." What took place in Indiana proves the opposite.


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