Frank Miniter

From The Editor: Gun Control is Immoral

When our First Amendment rights are infringed upon, then we must get even louder in the public square and in the courts.

From the Editor | This is the Civil-Rights Battle of Today

The political idea that America’s law-abiding gun owners are responsible for crime is so provably untrue, it’s laughable.

From the Editor | The Wildness of the Human Experience

Many people hide behind and project their ideological fantasies onto the political world. If only these same people would take a clear, honest look around them, they might just learn a thing or two.

From The Editor: The Many Ironies of Gun-Control Politics

To stop anti-gun legislators from passing even more gun-control laws to “fix” the problems their policies are fueling, we need to tell everyone who will listen what’s really happening.

The Silencing of a Civil-Rights Association

When our First amendment rights are infringed upon, as the state of New York clearly did by trying to destroy this association, then we must get even louder in the public square and in the courts.

From The Editor: America’s “Culture War” Over Guns

It is perhaps no accident that the first example uses under its definition of “culture war” is “a culture war over the right to own a gun.”

From The Editor: Biden Sees No Evil

President Biden sees no evil; he only sees an opportunity to disarm law-abiding citizens as he pretends doing so will somehow placate criminals.

From The Editor: Everyone Wants Justice

America needs a fair and impartial justice system that treats everyone equally. Instead, some are blaming law-abiding citizens for rises in crime.

From the Editor: Why Are We In Such Divisive Times

When activists masquerade as journalists to push a dishonest agenda, the public discourse becomes unfairly muddled. This is what the mainstream media so often does on issues related to guns.

From the Editor: Facts Still Matter

As it turns out, facts still matter when debating someone with opposing views.

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