swords and medals

By Resolution Of Congress…

The Medal of Honor is instantly recognized as our nation’s highest award for heroism. The familiar words, “Above and beyond the call of duty” are etched into every child’s memory as dreams of battlefield gallantry flicker across their thoughts and deeds while engaged in playground antics.

Rare Revolutionary War Rifle Stolen Nearly 50 Years Ago Found in Barn Sale, Now in Philadelphia Museum

These rifles created a significant advantage for George Washington’s militiamen.

George Washington: Monument

284 years ago this week, George Washington was born. A mighty good thing, too.

Veterans Day

We're lucky to be Americans. Thank someone who contributed to that fact this Veterans Day.

A Navy Is Born

The ragtag Continental Navy faced Britain’s unrivaled might on the high seas.

An Army Is Born

Technically speaking, the United States had an Army before it was a nation.

Washington The Warrior

An exploration of how George Washington the farmer achieved greatness on the battlefield.

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