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Julie Golob Discusses Match Preparation

What does a professional shooter do besides shoot lots of rounds?

Julie Golob Discusses Training for Personal Defense

The captain of Team Smith & Wesson offers tips on how to prepare a practice course of fire.

Gun Ownership Up, Accidental Shootings Fall

As the number of Americans with guns hits an all-time high, accidental shooting deaths are down—and anti-gunners are perplexed about what that means.

Julie Golob Talks About Competition

What does a shooter think about after a match?

Julie Golob Writes Gun Safety Book for Children

Book is geared toward preschoolers and early elementary school students.

Julie Golob On Reciprocity

What does a competitive shooter think about a key issue before Congress?

When Definitions Become Twisted And Terms Are Hijacked

World champion shooter Julie Golob explains how best to battle the Left’s hijacking of simple terms.

After The First Shot

It’s not just about the first shot, it’s also about the follow-through.

Marie Claire, Guns And The Real Truth

Julie Golob explores Marie Claire’s slanted coverage of women and guns in America.

Third Century | Julie Golob

Team S&W Captain Julie Golob looks forward to introducing her kids to the sport she loves.

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