How Criminals Get Guns: 74 Stolen Guns, Only 19 Recovered

Two men pleaded guilty to charges involving firearms stolen from three gun shops.

Gun Owners Use Virtual Reality To Prepare For Self-Defense Situations

A course offered by U.S. Law Shield of Kentucky uses virtual reality to prepare firearm owners for life-or-death situations.

Unlocking Freedom: 4 More States Considering “Permitless” Carry Measures

New Hampshire, North Dakota, Kentucky and New Mexico are considering “permitless” concealed-carry legislation this session.

5 Firearms That Fought For The North

Thanks to the technological innovations surrounding it, the American Civil War is considered the first modern war in history.

5 Guns For The Southpaw Shooter

So let’s give a hand to the following firearms that were manufactured specifically with the southpaw in mind.

The Armed Citizen® Kentucky

These armed Kentuckians utilized firearms for defense against criminals.

5 Guns That Won The West

These are the principle firearms that made westward expansion possible.

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