Firearms for Freedom: A 10-Gun Salute

The politics of guns and hunting obscures many deeper truth about America, such as a longstanding connection between private American arms makers and freedom that has greatly benefited our armed forces.

VIDEO: Shooting Straight with Greg Stube

As this is Memorial Day weekend, a time when we remember and honor our heroes in uniform, we’re bringing you this short excerpt from Greg Stube’s must-read book.

Memorial Week Medals Of Honor

A Memorial Day snapshot might rightly come from Medals of Honor won this week.

The Freedom Connection: The 10 Greatest Citizen-Soldier Guns Of All Time

What better time to look back at the 10 greatest tools of freedom than on Memorial Day weekend?

Veterans Day

We're lucky to be Americans. Thank someone who contributed to that fact this Veterans Day.

A Memorial Day Tribute

Today we celebrate the legacies of those who fought to keep our country free.

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