Safe Code

The Safe Code: How Gun-Control Groups Pervert the Idea of “Safe Storage”

Responsible gun owners believe in storing their guns safely, so why is it a contentious topic?

NRA World Shoot—Sponsored by Walther Arms—Is Back

The NRA World Shooting Championship is the ultimate all-encompassing tournament crowns the undisputed “World Shooting Champion” from a pool of both amateur and professional shooters.

Darryl Worley Is NRA Country

Darryl Worley grew up with the usual country life of hunting, fishing and going to church, with maybe a little scrap now and then and then. His music puts a touch of modern sheen on songs rooted in the traditionalist movement.

NRA’s Battle to Save the Future of Hunting

The National Rifle Association does more to fight for the rights of hunters than any other pro-hunting organization on the planet. And the battle to save the sport—a lifelong tradition for many—is fought on many fronts.

It’s Election Time Again For Some

Though many elections are a year away, there are a handful of states that hold elections in odd-numbered years. As such, we must maintain our focus in working to help elect representatives who will uphold our constitutionally protected freedoms.

Tennessee Special Legislative Session Targets Gun Owners

Several anti-gun measures that were rejected by the Tennessee General Assembly earlier this year are back in play in a special session that recently convened.

FEC Agrees to Pay the NRA $25,000

The FEC agreed to pay the National Rifle Association for failing to turn over documents that were needed by the NRA to defend itself against an election lawsuit from a gun-control group.

Did the Mainstream Media Just Endorse an NRA Program?

The National Rifle Association has long led the way when it comes to firearms education, training and safety for people of all ages. The mainstream media, however, conveniently ignores this at every turn, but it seems even this might now be changing.

Volunteers: The Backbone Of The NRA

Throughout our Association’s history, the tireless efforts of volunteers over the years have aided the National Rifle Association of America in becoming the oldest, most-effective civil-rights organization in the world.

Lucas Hoge Is NRA Country

Lucas Hoge grew up in a small town and started playing guitar when he was 12. He honors his faith, family and love of freedom in his music and as such, Hoge is NRA Country.

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