Phil Schreier

Phil Schreier Named Director Of NRA Museums

One of NRA’s most public and best-known figures in the gun world—and its leading voice when it comes to firearms, history and our Second Amendment heritage—E. Philip Schreier III has been appointed director of NRA Museums.

The Humble Beginnings of NRA Museums

The NRA's three museums are critical to preserving our rich heritage for the future, but you might be surprised by where this incredible resource began.

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These giant shotguns, which could weigh up to 200 pounds each, were used by early market hunters to kill waterfowl by the dozens.

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Where Legends Come To Life

NRA’s museums in Virginia, Missouri and New Mexico are must-see exhibits for historical firearm fans.

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These guns were used for survival as America expanded west and fought overseas.

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These legendary sniper rifles have earned their place in history.


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