Pat Garrett’s Thunderer

This gold-washed Colt revolver used by the famous lawman is as storied as it is ornate.

The Grape Shot Revolver

Check out this unconventional revolver from the NRA’s National Firearms Museum.

A Gun For The Guv

Which Civil War-era general, governor, and legislator received this gun from Samuel Colt?

A Family Treasure

This beautiful percussion rifle has been passed down through generations.

One Inventor’s Innovation

Can you name this prolific German firearms inventor?

A Gun For Misbehavin’

What secret is hiding in spaceship captain Malcolm Reynolds’ gun?

A Train Robber's Revolver

Can you guess the infamous owner of this Colt revolver?

A Henry Aboard

This rifle was used to stop a mutiny at sea.

The Birthday Gun

Can you guess which infamous outlaw received this Smith & Wesson revolver for his birthday?

The Six-Gun Spinner

Think you can guess who this quick-drawing entertainer was? Better think again.

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