Randy Kozuch

How We Are Defending Bruen

The Bruen decision made it clear the right to bear arms outside the home must be respected.

Executive Overreach: Biden Admin Attacks Lawful Firearm Sales

The Biden administration’s proposed changes to the ATF ’s requirements of who qualifies as a gun dealer are yet another trap for the law-abiding.

My Final Call To Vote For 2023

When voters cast their ballots in the states with elections this year, they will help set the tone for next year’s elections in other states, as well as on the national stage, where far more will be at stake.

Biden’s Search For A Coherent Gun-Control Message

Gun-control organizations wish to claim that Joe Biden’s achievements are underappreciated. In reality, these “achievements” only sound good if they are fabricated or distorted to mislead the public.

Gun Control Is Unpopular

Much of the mainstream media continues to parrot the lies that gun-control activists claim as truth. The reality is that when ignorance recedes, so does support for gun control.

The “Assault-Weapon” Lie

President Biden will continue to push lie after lie while simultaneously doing nothing to punish the violent criminals responsible for the spike in crime seen across the nation. It’s our job to make sure he doesn’t succeed.

Meet The New Executive Director

Our job is to make sure that the NRA is prepared to succeed in electing pro-gun representatives at all levels who will defend the Second Amendment. It’s hard work but I know that we are all up to the task.

Why We’re Challenging ATF’s Rule On Stabilizing Braces

The ATF previously recognized that stabilizing braces serve a legitimate function and did not automatically subject a firearm to NFA provisions. Now they've finalized a new rule reversing their stance.

Freedom’s Biggest Movement: Constitutional Carry

I am immensely proud to join with Second Amendment supporters across America in celebrating a major milestone reached in April, when Georgia became the 25th constitutional-carry state.

After Lackluster Returns, Some Urge Democrats to Ditch Gun Control

The 2020 election may not have turned out the way gun owners had hoped. The good news is, it didn’t quite turn out the way the anti-gun radicals had hoped, either.


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