No Doctor Should Prescribe Gun Control

The Biden administration wants doctors to treat gun ownership like it’s a disease. A lot of doctors don’t agree with this ideological and deeply cynical treatment of citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

How a Gun-Control Study Became Fake News

When all the mainstream-media outlets are telling the same story about research backing gun control, it’s time to dig.

Doctors Question AMA’s Prescription for Gun Control

Non-members of the medial group dispel the myth that the media spread about doctors’ opinions about guns.

Quacks: Doctors Falsely Claim Guns Are Public Health Crisis

Frequent contributor David Burnett looks at calls from the medical community to declare criminal use of firearms a public health crisis.

Doctors Praise The Suppressors Dissed By Gun Controllers

Frequent A1F Daily contributor AWR Hawkins looks at the two sides of the debate over deregulating firearm suppressors to protect the hearing of shooters and hunters.

Doctor Group Publishes Paper Backing Hearing Protection Act

Editor Mark Chesnut explores the just-published paper by Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership advocating for the Hearing Protection Act now under consideration in Congress.

Are 141 Medical Groups Really Anti-Gun?

How Doctors for America shamelessly padded its list to make it look like doctors support CDC gun control research.

Talking Out Of Both Sides Of Their Mouths

How true is the claim that doctors really want to talk to parents about gun safety?

Court Tells Nosy Doctors To Butt Out — Again

Here’s why doctors shouldn’t press you about guns—and why it’s not a free speech issue.

You May Feel Some Pressure

What should you do if your doctor asks you whether you have any guns in the home?


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