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Gun Skills: Just for Fun

There are plenty of good ways to get our rounds in while having a blast.

Gun Skills: Qualification Primer

Many states require some from of live-fire qualification before allowing citizens to carry, as does nearly every law-enforcement entity. Use this drill to take the fear out of test day or to assess your own skills at any time.

Gun Skills: Fight Your Way Up

Quite often, the decision to introduce a firearm is made after a physical altercation has already started and you’re on the ground. It’s imperative to train away any challenges you may face when fighting your way back up.

Gun Skills: The Edge – A Better Trigger Press

One of the hardest things to teach new shooters is the proper trigger press for a slow, precise shot.

Gun Skills: Inducing Stress

Inducing stress into even a simple shooting routine will reveal weaknesses in your approach and force you to focus and adapt.

Gun Skills: Scan and Assess

When a threat appears, adrenaline courses through our veins to assist us in fighting it off or fleeing the area, and with it comes tunnel vision. This is why it's important to practice scanning for other potential threats.

Gun Skills | Defensive Shooting

Col. Jeff Cooper taught us that the elements of accuracy, power and speed must be in balance to prevail in a defensive-shooting situation. Here’s how to achieve this important balance.

More Bang for the Buck: Ammo-Efficient Practice

More people than ever have chosen to carry a gun for self-defense. How can we all practice life-saving skills if time and ammo are hard to get?

Range Drills: Work Smarter, Not Harder

The way to get better is to practice the things you don’t do well.

5 Drills You Should Practice at the Range

Honing your shooting skills requires something a little bit different than just shooting as many rounds as possible through paper.


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