Friends Of NRA Continue Charitable Fundraising Amid Pandemic Challenges

Nationwide shutdowns from the pandemic in 2020 have challenged the Friends of NRA, a 100-percent grassroots fundraising effort benefitting the shooting sports, but organizers have found ways to keep the momentum going.

With Knife Attacks at 15-Year High, Gun Control Doesn’t Equate to Fewer Homicides in U.K.

Number police responses to knife incidents in U.K. reached over 44,000 this year.

Knife Attacks Rise Dramatically In Great Britain

Anti-gun activists like to point to Great Britain as a success story after its wide-reaching ban on handguns, but a stabbing epidemic has come to plague the country in the ensuing years.

NextLevel Training Introduces SIRT Knife

The rubber blade will stand up to rigorous use but won’t injure your training partner.

London Mayor Looks to Ban Cars

After gun control and knife control failed to stop a terrorist attack, Mayor Sadiq Khan suggested keeping cars out of certain areas of London.

First Gear | CRKT: Clever, Clever!

A rare concession and spoiler alert: We’ve already bought a couple more of these CRKT Daktyl folding knives.

First Gear | Columbia River Knife And Tool

Brand-spanking new or ultra-classic, CRKT knives keep their edge—in more ways than one.

4 Guns That Wear A Disguise

These disguised guns from history banked on the element of surprise.

President's Column | China’s Anti-Gun Stance Doesn’t Stop Mass Killings

To see whether the absence of guns prevents mass carnage, look no further than China.

6 Seriously Weird Firearms

Unusual firing mechanisms and dual functionality make for some odd guns.

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