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Key Points from the Recent California Ruling

America's 1st Freedom takes a look at key takeaways from a recent ruling out of the Golden State.

New Mexico’s Governor Now Wants What?

Instead of backing down, New Mexico’s governor is doubling down.

Why a Biden Advisor Shifted a Question to Gun Control

Instead of answering a question about Biden’s age, his campaign co-chair pivoted directly to gun control.

This Mayor Has No Shame

This mayor already admitted that she knows gun control doesn’t work, but knowing about the ineffectiveness of such laws hasn’t stopped her from pursuing even more schemes to curb citizens’ civil rights.

A 1,000% Tax!

Anti-freedom politicians want to price you out of your rights.

What’s in Massachusetts’ New Gun-Ban Measure

Massachusetts firearm owners are up against a wall, facing one of the most-extreme gun-ban measures introduced to date.

More Preposterous Claims from President Biden

President Biden, once again, put on display his penchant for telling falsehoods about the Second Amendment, firearms and more at a recent fundraising event.

Congress Passes Resolution Against Biden Pistol Brace Rule

In the ever-evolving world of President Biden’s new Justice Department ruling redefining braced pistols as short-barreled rifles, nobody can be counted on to add clarity to the matter more than the president himself.

Canada’s Struggle Matters

What’s happening in Canada is giving Americans a very vivid example of what could have happened if the U.S. Supreme Court voted different and did not reaffirm in Heller that the Second Amendment does, in fact, protect an individual right.

NRA to Biden: You’re Failing

It’s clear that in his quest to “defeat the NRA,” and by extension his goal of limiting an American civil right, President Biden is failing.

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