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Friday, October 13, 2017

Massachusetts House Passes Anti-Gun Measure

Massachusetts citizens could soon lose their right to make several common modifications to their firearms.

Amendment 1 to House Bill 3951, which was approved by the Massachusetts House yesterday, would ban “any device which attaches to a [firearm] … that is designed to increase the rate of discharge.” The issue lies with the overly broad language—it could lead to the ban of ergonomic enhancements, match-grade triggers, muzzle brakes, recoil reducing weights and other modifications. Many of these modifications do not change the mechanics of the firearm, but merely enable it to deliver more accurate and controlled shots, benefiting competitive shooters, hunters, individuals who own firearms for self-defense, and the physically disabled.

Worst of all, the amendment would make felons of otherwise law-abiding gun owners: Any violations would result in a mandatory minimum three-year prison sentence.


The Massachusetts state Senate could consider these ill-informed and poorly-thought-out restrictions as early as TODAY. NRA-ILA is encouraging Bay State gun owners to contact their senator and urge him or her to oppose Amendment 1 to House Bill 3951 by clicking here.