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This Professor is Not Politically Correct

This is a perspective on the Second Amendment worth hearing.

Meet Robin Evans, an NRA-Certified Instructor the Mainstream Media Wouldn’t Know How to Write Off

Robin Evans straightforwardly says her mission is to help women “become their own first responders.”

Video: How Do We Teach More Young Americans About Their Freedom?

Jennifer A. Grossman has spent her career finding ways to teach America’s young adults about their freedom.

Video: NSSF’s Larry Keane Has Something to Say About Joe Biden and the ATF

As more than 50,000 employees of gun-related business gathered in Las Vegas for the SHOT Show, we sat down with Larry Keane, senior vice president and general counsel for the NSSF.

Video Interview: This Supreme Court Case Also Matters

In this video interview, Stephen Halbrook goes through what he heard at the hearing and discusses how this case could impact our Second Amendment-protected rights.

This Rabbi Understands the Importance of Self-Defense

More in the Jewish community are embracing their Second Amendment rights. As you’ll see in this important video, Rabbi Yossi Eilfort is at the forefront of this rush to freedom.

This is What Empowering Women Really Looks Like

With gun ownership on the rise throughout the nation, women are one huge demographic that has seen noticeable growth in this area. Such is why one NRA firearms instructor built a self-defense training company that caters exclusively to women.

Montana’s AG Explains Why NRA v. Vullo is a Critical Supreme Court Case

“Government should not be able to come in and act like the mafia,” says Montana Attorney General Knudsen.

Meet an Elementary School Teacher Who Uses Guns to Help Kids

John Annoni has used the law-abiding gun culture that so many of us know and enjoy to help inner-city youth for decades.

California Armed Citizen Has His Concealed-Carry Permit Taken Away After He Protected His Family

After a California man protected his family, he has been disarmed and left vulnerable.

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